Beautiful Pompadour fireplace made out of black Belgium marble 

This marble is pure black, without veins, highly sought after for its decoratives qualities even within the context of contemporary interiors.

The Pompadour style is named after the muse of decorative arts Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, more commonly known under the name of Marquise de Pompadour - king Louis XV mistress, friend and adviser.

Beneath a serpentine shelf, moulded panels decorate the frieze, centered around an elliptical shape.
The console jambs are adorned with volutes and moulded panels.
France, XIX century

Dimensions:  110cm (43¼") High, 160cm (63") Wide, 40cm (15¾") Deep

Aperture:  86cm (33¾") high and 115cm (44¼") wide